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How do I create a MyQii account?
How do I create a MyQii account?

Creating a MyQii account

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Step 1: install the MyQii app

Download the MyQii app.

For iOS:

For Android:

Step 2: Create an account

Click on create an account and enter the activation code.

Activation code

You need an activation code to start the process. You will receive the activation code from the organization with whom you are going to share your data.

Step 3: Manual entry

Fill in the questions in the MyQii app.

Sharing data together

If you want to share data together, select cohabiting, married, or shared household.


Step 4: Collect government data

Log in with your DigiD username and password and collect your data. Once your data is collected, you will be automatically logged out.

DigiD and SMS verification

To be able to use MyQii, you need to be able to log in to your DigiD. Make sure SMS verification is enabled. See here how to do this.

Step 5: Save and Share

Save the questions and the collected data in your MyQii account and share them with the organization.

Step 6: Inviting people

Invite another person, such as your partner or roommate, using the link that has been provided. Did not get a link but you do need to invite someone? Click here

Inviting more people

The link can only be used by one other user, after which you can invite an additional person by pressing the submission.

Step 7: Your submission has been posted

You can manage the submission by clicking on it, this is also how you can invite someone and see what data you have shared.

Submission pending (in afwachting)?

If you have invited someone, the system waits until their account is also completed.

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